1. Sculpture
2. Visual Design
3. Music
4. Video Editing

2021. Sep-Oct
Special thanks to Prof. Tania Lili

This project focuses on the indivisible qualities of dissonance and consonance. The process of establishing the “framework,” that is, the shaping of clay, represents the process of smoothness, caution, and refinement, representing harmony.
    The choice of the Shadow Chamber series by Roger Ballen that provides disturbing feelings demonstrates dissonance. It emphasizes the union of the complementing and contrasting elements, the possibility of finding the perfect settings of imperfect beings, and different ways of interpreting the ultimate form based on how the audience views the texture, shape, form, image, or any way they prefer.

Video Documentation / Music

Process / Photo Documentation 

1. Clay
2. Waterslide paper

1 - Stability
2 - Compatibility
3 - Habituality
4 - Familiarity
5 - Synchronization
6 - Conformity

Visual Design for exhibition
2.5′′ × 4′′card stocks

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