1. Editorial Design
2. Drawing

2022 Sep-Oct
'String' is a collection of 8 sets of visual representations. It consists of 24 drawings that illustrate the transition between objects in both a physical and abstract manner in relation to space and time. Throughout this series, time and space are not limited. Each visual does not represent the entire process, but only parts of it.

The theme of this project is movement, a word that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In addition to reflecting physical movements that are visible, it also represents evolution and change from a chronologic perspective. Vellum is chosen as the material to illustrate these features due to its semi-transparency, allowing the spectrum to be revealed, conveying tensions, and preserving the momentary variations that are fluid over time.

As they are created, the works do not reflect their process in a conventional manner, but rather in an opposite way, quietly and subtly. The purpose of the project is to observe the layers of stillness and movement as well as their interdependence and inclusiveness within predetermined expectatons and linear progression through time and to explore the possibilities of experience.

© Leah Chen