An Index of Bookstores in New York 

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2022. 05-08
Special Topic-Summer 2022
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Special Thanks to Prof. Scott Vander Zee

This publication is an assembly of the research, exploration, and discovery of the bookstores in New York, which index and document the background stories and conversations behind the bookstores and collect those that no longer existed.
                This book is a 360-page archive that includes over 150 images of my photo documentation. It contains information and stories about the existing and closed bookstores. I visited each and every bookstore and documented the interviews I did with the store managers and owners.
                As a tribute to those bookstores that are modest but remain an inte- gral part of the community, I intend for the book to appear visually dense in its size but light in its design. The reader will also feel light in hand and mind, allowing them to return to the book at any time.

- Hand-bound
- 360 Pages
- Swiss binding

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